What Remains is Infinity

by G.P. Sorrells

“If you enjoy The Man in the High Castle, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Inception, or stories of the sort, you’ll find “What Remains” to be right up your alley.”

-Darth Dragonetti, 4-Star Amazon & Goodreads Reviewer

Micah Brantley never imagined his silly tirade at a local coffee shop would end up with him dead on the sidewalk. When he opened his eyes, the pearly gates he always expected to see weren’t there. And he was no longer in New York City. Instead, he looked out at a world he didn’t recognize with unknown soldiers seeking vengeance for murders he hadn’t committed. Their bloodlust eventually sated, Micah would find himself in a strange world once more. Would he survive long enough to figure out why the finality of death continued to elude him? Enter a world where death is not the end of existence, it’s just a step further into the multiverse.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Aaron Hodges

A century since the departure of the Gods, the Three Nations are now united beneath the Tsar. Magic has been outlawed, its power too dangerous to remain unchecked. All Magickers must surrender themselves to the crown, or face imprisonment and death.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Return of the Elves Collection: Books 1-4

by Bethany Adams

A hidden conspiracy. A threat that spans worlds. A fate long foretold.

When Arlyn journeys through the Veil to confront her elven father, she’s launched into a life-altering quest for acceptance…and a place to belong. Journey into a realm where half-bloods, exiles, scouts, and seers band together to prevent their worlds’ destruction. This collection includes Books 1-4 in the Return of the Elves epic fantasy series:

-Plus never-before-seen bonus content!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Senthien

by Tara Jade Brown

In a world of genetically modified Descendants where teleportations are enabled by the superior AI, Dora Dana Dasnan reports her future Visions to the ruling species. But when she witnesses a forbidden future, she needs to hide it from her masters to save her life.
She embarks on a remarkable journey where she learns about the frightening truth of her dystopic world, revealing her own tightly kept secret as well.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Cydonia Rising

by Dave Walsh

The Emperor of the galaxy has fallen, slain at the hands of his own son.

Forced into exile, Katrijn was tasked with a mission sent to her by her father from beyond the grave: free the people of the Andlios Republic. Her biggest hurdle? First it’s the assassins sent after her by the emperor. After years alone on the fringes of the galaxy, who will be there to help her dethrone the mad emperor and reclaim the throne. Then, it’s dealing with her brother…

The Mad Emperor himself.

Katrijn must carve her own path forward, forging new alliances and swallowing her pride to take whatever help she can find along the way, no matter how… unconventional that help seems, even from sworn enemies.

If dethroning her deranged brother isn’t hard enough, she’s not the only one gunning for the throne, making it a deadly race to save the people of Andlios in this action-packed space epic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Death Lessons

by James Maxstadt

When the dead rise…

…don’t tell anyone it’s your fault.

Lilly is a young child when she helps her first ghost. Turns out, she’s a necromancer. And there’s only one place for a kid like her: The Academy.

From the first carriage ride, Lilly’s life changes. Now, she faces a whole new world of challenges and dangers. And far too often, her greatest enemy is herself.

But if she can stay out of her own way, she just might have a magical seven years.

Lilly’s got a lot of growing up to do…

…as long as she doesn’t end up one of the dead herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Children of Shadows

by Andrew Hall

The ancient seers are dead, or so everyone believes. But the visions that shape Kyra’s dreams and the mysterious Watcher who invades them are more than just a nightmare. Pursued by Morkai assassins, Kyra flees into the Broken Lands, where she hopes to find clues that will reveal her true heritage. Soon Kyra is drawn into a battle between otherworldly powers, and the fight for control of her mind becomes the least of her problems.

‘Children of Shadows’ is the first book of the epic fantasy series ‘The Seer’.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Mission in Time

by Richard Scott

A time-travel adventure that just might make you a believer. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells was fun, as was the enjoyable A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and Jack Finney’s delightful Time and Again. If you enjoyed these books, you’ll definitely want to read Mission in Time. However, after reading Mission in Time, this might be the first time you actually find yourself believing in time travel.

Imagine being sent on a time-travel mission expecting to arrive in a certain period of time and finding yourself in a very different era—a major period in the history of the United States. Imagine finding yourself with people totally unfamiliar with things you’ve been accustomed to all your life: your skills, foods, views on sanitation, means of travel, kinds of recreation and even your vocabulary.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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