The Awakening (Book 1)

by Lisa M. Lilly

They thought she would give birth to a messiah–until they found out her child would be a girl. College student Tara’s mysterious pregnancy turns her life upside down. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. When she insists she’s never had sex her parents doubt her mental health. Only a stranger believes her claim that she’s a virgin. But on learning her child will be a girl the powerful cult he belongs to turns on her, convinced she’ll trigger an Apocalypse. On the run and afraid, Tara must find out whether she and her daughter are meant to save the world–or destroy it. Book 1 of 4.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Complete Series Boxed Set

by Sarah Noffke

Olivia Beaufont likes fixing things and keeping to herself. She’s simple like that—but her life is about to drastically change.

Liv is a rebel with royal blood who abdicated her birthright. A string of murders changes everything and the House of Seven asks her to take on a role as a Warrior, one of seven positions revered for protecting magic.

Although Liv would rather stay out of the politics and conspiracies that she ran away from years ago, her family needs her. It’s only a twelve-year stint until her sister, the next in line, can take over.

So, what’s the harm in activating her magic and accepting her place as a warrior?


Justice hasn’t been properly served by the House of Seven in a long time.

Not until now.

This giant boxed set included all 12 books in the original series!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Demon Kiss

by Juliana Haygert

A young woman with a secret heritage. A man who made a deal with the devil. And an academy where the students are just as dangerous as the demons …

I’ve been kept from the truth all my life. Demons walk the earth, and I’m destined to slay them—I only wish I hadn’t lost someone I loved while discovering that truth. Now the demons are after me. The only way to stay alive is to attend an academy for demon hunters—a school where I’ll learn how to kill supernaturals and slay the underworld’s minions. But I still feel there are secrets I’m not being told …

I sold my soul to save my family—and lost everything because of it. Now I’m a slave to the underworld, a fake hunter with half-demon blood. I’ve been sent on a special assassination mission. If I fail, it means my life. But protecting Erin soon becomes more important than any other task.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Hunter Secret

by Juliana Haygert

A young woman chosen by fate. A man who’s concealing the truth. And an academy that keeps getting darker…

Rey and I were forced to make a deal with Headmaster Randall. I agreed that if he saved Rey’s life, and kept my secrets, we’d help him organize a half demon army. But earning the trust of half demons in hiding proves harder than we thought—and more dangerous. One of them lost everything due to a mistake we made, and he’s promised to make us pay for what we’ve done…

Erin and I have a soul bond, but she doesn’t know it. To keep her safe, I’ve been forced to hide the mark on my chest binding us together forever—as well as conceal my true feelings for her. If dealing with raising an army wasn’t enough, students are going missing. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this secret under wraps, and Erin obviously suspects something…

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Murder by Munchausen

by M.T. Bass

Murder by Munchausen is the enthralling first book in the Murder by Munchausen science fiction techno-thriller series. If you like no-nonsense heroes, futuristic noir-style settings, and action-packed twists and turns, then you’ll adore M.T. Bass’s police procedural.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


LOOP: A Pulse-Pounding Novel of Science Fiction Horror

by William Kely McClung

When a new social media app powered by AI and stolen military technology begins remapping human DNA, the world explodes with conspiracies, viral media, and deadly consequences!
As a small college town becomes ground zero for a zombie-like plague, and the target of an even deadlier government cover-up, the fate of the town, and maybe the world, lies in the hands of a one-legged badass, a nearly naked Interpol agent, a waif-like retro-gaming genius, and the military scientist that started it all. Racing against the clock while battling rogue military forces, a visionary AI pioneer with his own secret agenda, and the rapidly evolving Loopers and the Infected, our band of misfit heroes fight for their lives and the very survival of the human race.
A sci-fi cyberpunk techno thriller set in middle America, LOOP grabs you in its monstrous hands and never lets go!

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Conspiracy of the Fallen

by C. J. Boyle

Orphaned and alone on a dying planet, Evie prayed for rescue. When a ship crash-landed on the planet, it seemed as though her prayers had been answered. But aboard the Space Ark, she is an outsider, a child of criminals, and suspected of murder. Can she clear her name and escape the curse of her birth?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Speechless in Achten Tan

by Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Mila hasn’t spoken in five years, since she became an Onra, a first-level Everfall witch. After failing the test to reclaim her voice and control her magic, her mentor sends eighteen-year-old Mila to Achten Tan – City of Dust – a dangerous desert town, built in the massive ribcage of an extinct leviathan.
To reclaim her power, Mila must steal a magical staff capable of releasing it, from Bone Master Opu Haku’s sky-high lair.
Her only resources are the magical luminous elixirs of the cursed caverns where she grew up, and a band of unlikely allies; a quirky inventor, a giant-ant rider, a healer, a librarian’s assistant, a Tar-tule rider, and the chief’s playboy son.
But in the City of Bones, enemies & friends are not who they seem, and trusting the wrong person can be deadly.
If Mila fails, she will never speak again and her bones will be added to the wasteland.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Six Strings

by C. Billie Brunson

Carl Percival (Percy) VanNess inherits a guitar from his father. He’s intent on learning to play and wants to use it as a way to fame. But this guitar is not as benign as it appears. When it is played, it incites anyone who hears to murder whomever is in sight.

Troubles escalate when Carl lets his buddy Peyton borrow the guitar. Next, Mat, Peyton’s older brother, gets caught up in the same diabolical intrigues surrounding the guitar. Only Stacey, Carl’s girlfriend, is aware and seems immune to the Gibson’s evil persuasion. Is this due to some latent magic she holds within, dumb luck, or something else entirely?

Can she, with the help of her loyal Lab, Diva, convince her friends to let go of something they cherish before it destroys all of them?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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