The Last Nehisi

by Warwick Eden

War. Corruption. A dying empire.
And the only means of escape wiped out in genocide…

For millennia, Ageronians have prospered beyond imagination, aided by the Nehisi, an ancient tribe with the ability to bridge worlds. But now the tides have turned.

The Realm is dying.

In the face of imminent destruction, Supreme Commander Draeger must find a way to save his people.

As the prophecy of doom plays out, a chance encounter with a thief sparks the beginnings of a cat and mouse game, between commander and crook, in a world of political and moral dilemmas, corruption, and murder…

…and the revelation that the fate of billions could depend on the actions of a single amoral thief.

It’s the Dune-meets-The-Expanse epic sci-fi you’ve been waiting for! Read The Last Nehisi, Warwick Eden’s enthralling space opera of warring races, alien worlds, moral dilemmas and imperfect heroes.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Dark King’s Heart

by Lyssa Lund

Enter a world of magic and prophecy, where twin sisters are destined to shape the fate of two kingdoms. Twin sisters, one prophesied as light and one as dark, are thrown into a dangerous game of power and love.
Niomi, the dark sister, is kidnapped by the Dark King of the Unseelie court who intends to make her his wife to save his kingdom. Despite his initial cruelty, Niomi learns that Callan’s heart is good and that he is fighting to save his people. As they work together to stop a war between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, Niomi and Callan grow to care for each other, provingthat appearances can be deceiving.
With the fate of two kingdoms in their hands, the forbidden love between the Dark King and the dark sister will be tested in this epic tale of magic, power and love. Niomi and Callan must help both sides see the truth to save the ones they love before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Lay Me Down

by Tamara Heiner

Before she can learn to live, she has to learn to love.

Kylee’s stepfather keeps her life locked down. She’s not allowed to leave the house. She can’t answer the phone. She’s forbidden to talk to the neighbors.

So of course when Price moves in next door, she makes it a point to meet him.

What he shows her rocks her entire world.

Suddenly, everything makes sense. And nothing does.

For fans of Before I Fall and The Fault in Our Stars comes this haunting story about innocence and discovery. Download Kylee’s story now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

All That Bedevils Us

by Thomas Watson

If not for the intervention of the insectoid beings called the T’lack, the Faceless War would have ended with the extinction of Humanity and its Sibling Species. That intervention came at a great cost for the T’lack. No one understands Humanity’s debt to the T’lack better than Jan Costa, who paid his own terrible price at the end of that war.

Now the T’lack are themselves in grave danger, facing a devastating civil war between rival factions and threatened by a mysterious race of beings on the far side of T’lack space.

Jan Costa leads a multi-species expeditionary force into the unknown, seeking to save his alien friends both from themselves and the new threat they have aroused. What he discovers out beyond the frontier will change everything, with the very existence of the T’lack hanging in the balance.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Space Murder: Captain Liz Laika Mysteries 1

by Nikki Haverstock

Captain Liz is stuck in the worst post in the Fleet and she should keep her head down. But when a Cerulean passenger is found decapitated, and she is framed for the murder, she has no choice but to fight for her life. Likely she is not alone as her ragtag crew will have her back, no matter the risk.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Take the Shilling

by Raymund Eich

The Confederated Worlds implanted in his brain the skills to make him a soldier.

He still had to learn how to survive interstellar war.

Tomas Neumann seeks escape from his backwater planet and overbearing mother, and a mentor to replace his long-dead father. “Taking the shilling”—enlisting in the Confederated Worlds military—promises both.

Despite the soldier’s skills implanted in his brain, combat still threatens to destroy him, in body and in spirit. Can Tomas learn what he needs to survive, before facing his war’s ultimate challenge?

Book one of the complete Confederated Worlds trilogy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Elvenshore: The Complete Series

by Clark Graham

From the first meeting of Dwarf and man in the Westwood Forest, the series covers four lands and many races, including; Dwarves, Elves, Druids, Dragons, Valkyrie, Satyr, Minotaur, Trolls, and a whole host of other races. With epic battles and large armies.
Here are what people are saying:

Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2020
Verified Purchase
I have e read this series a few times it a very good series very hard to put down even though I have read it a few times I always find things I did not catch in the prior readings and will read it again a few times in the future. Thank you for a great story

A Page Turner!

Really a fun read! You’ll find spiders, military, magic, goblins, dwarves, humans, half-breeds, with a bit of politics and sex.
Death, destruction, doctors, and delightful feasts all combine to create an alternate

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Category: Fantasy – Epic