Overworld (The Dragon Mage Book 1)

by Rohan M. Vider

A magic apocalypse. A new world. Elves, orcs, dragons. And at the center of it all: THE DRAGON MAGE.
Earth is doomed and mankind has been exiled to Overworld, a strange world ruled by the Trials. Jamie Sinclair is a young man with unique gifts, and it falls to him to find a way for humanity to survive Earth’s destruction and build a new home in Overworld.

Can Jamie save mankind?
The Trials is no game. Join Jamie as he struggles through its brutal challenges while wrestling with his new magics and Overworld’s game-like dynamics.

Read the award-winning epic fantasy of one man’s journey to save humanity today.

A 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Magic/Wizardry genre!

“A fantasy RPG come to life, Overworld is a particularly fun and readable adventure…” —

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Scion of Lightning

by J.T. Moy

The start of an exciting new series in a brutal world filled with compelling characters, intense action, and a kingdom to save.

The deadliest blades are not made of steel . . . When Jaks almost kills another soldier with his volatile magic, he is forced to tread the fearful path of the electromancer. Succeed, he will be the first in a generation. Fail, he will lose everything.

As the ruthless king of Voros invades the land with axe warriors, skyships and dragons, Jaks and his battlemage master begin a quest to train his powers and uncover a potent artifact that could halt the rampaging enemy.

On their journey through dangerous lands, they are accompanied by a sharp-eyed ranger, a lethal assassin, and a mysterious foreigner with unworldly weapons.

However, nothing is simple when Jaks’ greatest adversary is much closer than he knows.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Arcane (The Arinthian Line Book 1)

by Sever Bronny

Fourteen-year-old Augum apprentices under a mysterious mentor in the forbidden art of magic. He is joined by Bridget and Leera, two passionate and quirky girls willing to give a lonely orphan like Augum a chance. Together they dare to train as warlocks.

But Augum’s mentor turns out to be none other than Anna Atticus Stone, a legendary warlock—and she possesses a mythical artifact. When a warlord suddenly turns up demanding that artifact, the group is plunged into a harrowing adventure, one in which Augum will have to use his newly learned spells to try to save the only thing he has left . . . a friendship forged in fire.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Behind Blue Eyes

by Anna Mocikat

Nephilim has been created for action.
As a powerful, cybernetically enhanced elite soldier her job is to do all the dirty work for the mega-corporation she belongs to. She and her elite cyborg squad are deployed on the most dangerous missions – to protect Olympias from threats outside and inside at any cost.

One day, a malfunction in her implants separates her from the all-controlling grid. For the first time in her life, Nephilim is free.

She learns that everything she has believed in all her life is a lie and decides to defend her newfound freedom.

But Metatron, the leader of her unit, has very special plans for her future and won’t let her get away.

Soon, Nephilim finds herself hunted by the killer squads she once belonged to. She’s the best of them but will her skills be enough to survive? To find freedom and expose the oppressive system of lies?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


We Survivors

by L.J. Thomas

After disease and nuclear warfare decimate the world population, 17-year-old Nadia is sure she’s the last person left on Earth. Then she hears a voice on her radio and everything changes. But as she and her new companions unravel the mysteries surrounding their survival, they soon realize it was no accident, and that they could be in grave danger…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Forging Zero

by Sara King

First Contact sucked. Now they own us.

Earth has been conquered by a massive galactic empire, and its war machine needs soldiers. To make it out alive, Joe Dobbs must survive an apathetic bureaucracy that sees humans as little more than spare rations. Meat with guns. Or, if they’re really unlucky, slaves.

The oldest of the children drafted from humanity’s devastated planet, Joe unwittingly becomes the centerpiece in a millennia-long alien struggle for independence. Once his training begins, one of the elusive and prophetic Trith gives Joe a spine chilling prophecy that the universe has been anticipating for millions of years: Joe will be the one to finally shatter the vast alien government known as Congress. And the Trith cannot lie…

But first Joe has to make it through boot camp.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Elemental Rising (The Elemental Trilogy Book 1)

by Toni Cox

An army more terrible than the nation of Grildor ever had to face is suddenly at the Gate, and Maia, with the help of her dragon, Midnight, must face her fears and the challenges of saving her people.

The appearance of Death, however, might derail all her plans. Will the bad omen mean the end of them all, or can Maia overcome that which holds her back from true power?

Find out now in this magical fantasy of an elven princess and the journey to become who she was meant to be. Toni Cox grabs you from the first page and takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a magical kingdom and the evil one princess must stop to save a nation.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1

by Winnie Winkle

Two bars, one magical and one human, lie in the exact same space. That should work. It’d better; I run those joints and we’re under attack.

I live a pretty weird life—as in gods in speedos, powerful witches with little patience for mere humans, and shifters whose vibrations make my guts quake. Plus, an oceanside bar and a magical book run my existence.

The record picked me, Cleopatra O’Keefe, to be the next Keeper. I took over the book and started chronicling the intersection and occasional asininity of the human and magical worlds — full of funky oddities seasoned with occasional mayhem.

I’ve juggled the two worlds for almost twenty years, but my pier is under attack from the one entity feared by gods and magicals alike. I’m at a crossroads and it’s time to make a choice. Toe the line and live, or save the world and die?

Typical Tuesday.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Brad Carsten

Charlie wants to know more about Dalia, the mysterious girl living in the haunted manor on the edge of town — but he soon finds himself entangled in her magical trials. Facing ancient monsters and powerful forces, can they learn to work together to survive?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


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