The Gardener Kings

by Monica Boothe

All her life she’s lived in exile, hiding from the traitor who usurped her father’s throne. But now she must return to the very kingdom she’s always feared.

Iníon is the daughter of the last Gardener King, or so she thought. When the king reveals to her that she is not his blood daughter but that he found her in a tree the night that he fled Gàrradh, she begins to wonder what other secrets he’s hiding.

She falls for Rían, the king’s wild son with Gardener blood in his veins who not only lives in the trees but speaks to them. But Rían is forbidden to marry any woman without kings’ blood. Together Rían and Iníon concoct a plan to return to Gàrradh and solve the mystery of Iníon’s birth. What they find when they arrive in the land of their birth turns everything upside down. After what she’s learned about the Gardener Kings, will Iníon still want to be a part of this family?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Road from Oblivion (Driving Force Book 1)

by Greg Chase

Mad Max meets Firefly in this new Dystopian/SciFi series from Greg Chase!
As the third-generation captain of the Beast—a century-old earth rover—Swash Jones has endured more than his share of loss. But that’s the way it is for most people in post-apocalyptic North America. To keep his current crew alive, Swash will need to overcome the PTSD that haunts him.
Only by keeping his crew together can he maintain the Beast and hope to survive the wastelands, storms, and marauders of daily existence. Swash’s team will soon prepare for a new mission—one that has the potential to save what’s left of humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Antelopes, A Modern Gulliver’s Travels

by David Rich

In the spirit of Gulliver’s Travels, Antelopes is a black comedy and satire illustrated by quotes from our greatest thinkers. Punctuated by two trials in the spirit of Kafka, an unlucky accident, a war of the Antelopes, and a bizarre escape, this tale is perfect for fans of the original tale.
Millionaire lottery winners discover their luck has run out when they’re captured by an advanced society of antelopes after surviving a plane crash on a remote mountain top in Venezuela.
Not only are they thrust into an unknown world with these strange creatures, but they’re forced to confront their religious, sexual, nationalistic, and racial prejudices – a nigh impossible task for the newly rich, or anyone else.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The ISIS Affair: Putting the Fun Back in Fundamentalism

by David Rich

It’s a Mad, Mad World + Ishtar + Raiders of the Lost Ark = The ISIS Affair
Meet the most unlikely outlaws – two backpacking curmudgeons. One is a crotchety Brit, and the other is an ancient American.
When they attempt to smuggle priceless world heritage antiquities to safety, they find themselves in the crosshairs of none other than ISIS.
Their best-laid plans are thwarted by the hapless smugglers themselves. If not for a Yazidi Joan of Arc, these gents may not survive at all.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy this fantasy black comedy and satire on religion and nationalism that puts the fun back in fundamentalism.

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The Kat Drummond Collection Box-Set

by Nicholas Woode-Smith

When I was a kid, my parents were sacrificed by a necromancer.

I survived. Barely.

Now, I find myself possessed by a ghostly knight and living in a world beset by monsters and magic.
What is a college student do?

Hunt monsters, of course!

But the world of Hope City monster hunting isn’t so simple. Necromancers rule the streets, vampires run nightclubs, and a primordial titan lives under Table Mountain.

I’m going to need every bit of skill, courage, and dumb luck that I can manage to survive. But if life after the Cataclysm has taught me anything: if you don’t hunt, you become the hunted.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a Part-Time Monster Hunter.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Cyber Witch

by Eddie R Hicks

Los Angeles 2082. The neon-lit city is divided into three groups—People with special abilities, people without them, and cybernetic witches and warlocks who keep the peace between them. It isn’t a perfect system, but it’s good enough in the post third world war era. Until the corporations broke a bunch of international laws and got away with it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Endangered Species

by D.M. Rasey

“I could see the patterns as I watched the violence on the planet rise like a sick blanket: mass shootings; Riots; Cannibalism; Mothers kill their babies; Children kill children; wild, random acts – always too terrible to think about. It was everywhere you turned: internet, radio, television, even conversations at work. It was everywhere.”

Dr. Franz Oleum and Dr. Jessup Hinkle used to be ordinary scientists; the kind who wear white coats and work in some nameless lab making tons of money by doing a boring job few people can fully comprehend. But then, sequencing the human genome led to cancer research which led to a chance discovery foreshadowing… the end of humanity.

Despite being armed with the knowledge that mankind is on course to self-destruct, the doctors eventually abandon their research and lose touch with each other. But all too soon, signs of the inevitable appear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Apothecary (Fantasy Anthology I)

by Thomas Fay

A shady apothecary plies its craft, a giant wolf stalks a village, while a frost giant—the last of his kind—embarks on a quest to rid the world of magic. Dragons, elves and demons abound in this dark fantasy anthology of short stories and flash fiction, blending elements of fairy tale, fable and epic fantasy into one spellbinding volume.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories

Wolf Curse

by T.M. Caruana

Only royal fae blood can lift the King’s curse on the alpha bloodline. And one fae is about to pay that price…

When Fae Princess Athroxane loses her father in a brutal battle, a blood curse makes her the biggest target of the wolf shifters…dead or alive.

Her only hope is a risky bet to bargain for her life: if she can win the duel against the Alpha, she’ll be set free. Except, she loses the battle, binding her to a promise to help lift the curse.

Problem is, the Fae Counsel forbids their kind from associating with wolf shifters, which means Athroxane is forced to choose whose trust she will betray: that of her people, or that of a wolf clan whose Alpha has already proven capable of ending her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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