Earth Warden: A Sci Fi Adventure

by Tony James Slater

Fast-paced and explosive space opera!
When Tristan is abducted by one of Earth’s shadowy guardians, he finds himself in a universe beyond his wildest dreams. Powerful psychics, surly robots and genetically-engineered assassins make up his new crew…
But what do they need him for? What is this mysterious enemy they’re all so terrified of? And most importantly – can he survive long enough to find out?
With over 30,000 copies downloaded, Earth Warden blends the frantic action of Star Wars with the quirky humour of Firefly. If you love sci-fi, check it out today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials

by Isla Frost

Ever since magic stormed the world, the price for human survival is surrendering your firstborn to the monsters.

But this year it’s Nova’s turn, and the monsters better watch their backs.

I am the firstborn in my family. The first of three. And today I will pay the price for my siblings’ lives by surrendering control of my own. I will step through the runegate, and I will never see my family again.

What the others do with the firstborn is shrouded in mystery. All anyone knows is they are never heard from again.

I will step through the runegate willingly.

But I can keep secrets too. And I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the others to their knees…

Dive into the internationally bestselling trilogy that readers have dubbed “SPECTACULAR,” “BRILLIANTLY IMAGINATIVE,” and “UNPUTDOWNABLE.”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Expansion Full Series

by Devon C Ford

The universe is expanding, and so is humanity’s reach

Years after clean energy ended the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, a lull of peace encompasses all of humanity.

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Torres comes face to face with old friends, as he’s thrown into an assignment that could change everything: a reconnaissance mission with huge implications for humanity and science alike.

Finding themselves in the middle of an alien conflict, inadvertently picking sides in exchange for advanced technology, the true cost of war is brought home to them in stark reality and loss of life.

The fracturing of order back home sends Earth into turmoil, the tension affecting both near and far solar systems.

When the dust settles, the mission becomes clear. They are at War.

Get the epic military science fiction Expansion series today, from the best-selling author of After It Happened.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


The Unsound Theory (STAR Academy Book 1)

by Emilia Zeeland

Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena isn’t space-crazed. But a surprise invitation to join the exclusive STAR Academy will pull her into a mystery only she can solve. Take a plunge into a futuristic world, filled with intrigue, mystery, and an all-around lovable cast. A perfect fit for fans of ‘The 100’ and ‘Ender’s Game’

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Isaac Hooke

Rhea wakes up on a trash heap surrounded by broken, collapsed skyscrapers.
She has no memory of who she once was, or how she got here.
But she does know three things.

Her arms and legs have been blasted away. But there’s no blood. And judging from the metal poking out her torso, she’s not entirely human.

She has text flashing across her vision, warning of imminent brain failure.

Lastly, there are two armed thugs fast approaching the heap.
And they don’t look like the friendly type…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Warden 2

by Isaac Hooke

Rhea returns in this action-packed sequel to Warden!

Previously $4.99


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