Claimed by Gods

by Eva Chase

Aria Watson thought she’d survived everything life could throw at her. Then she dies and wakes up to four stunningly hot Norse gods telling her she’s now a valkyrie. Odin is missing, and the other gods expect Aria to find him—but their last three valkyries never made it back. With her awakening powers and the seductive bond she’s discovering between her and her godly keepers, can Aria fulfill her dangerous mission and make it back to the little brother she swore to protect?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Swordsman’s Lament

by G.M. White

A dead prince.

A grieving king.

A legendary swordsman accused of murder.

Loyalty counts for nothing when the king demands blood.

In the ancient city of Villan, wealth and power descend from proximity to the throne. As royal champion, and confidant to the king, Belasko thought he was beyond intrigues and machinations. But when the grief-stricken King demands vengeance for his murdered son, Belasko discovers he is expendable. His options are clear: find the killer or die for a crime he didn’t commit.

Forced into the city’s bleak underbelly as the palace mobilises against him, Belasko finds unlikely allies in his hunt for the truth. Can the veteran survive to protect his friends and prove his innocence?

Join Belasko as he hunts the real killer from the royal court to the depths of the city’s criminal underworld, finally learning the true meaning of The Swordsman’s Lament.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

The DragonClaw Sword Complete Series Omnibus

by Kevin McLaughlin

Cast out by dragonkind, threatened by his own family… A dragon with nothing left to lose can be a dangerous thing.

But what do a dragon and a dwarf have in common? Sometimes, all you need is one thing to bind you together. And when that one thing is fighting to survive…

Alone, Galen Stormwing and Vala don’t stand a chance. Both of them are vulnerable, lost, alone — and hunted. But together, they might just have what they need to save each other!

Get The DragonClaw Sword Complete Series to find out how far they’re willing to go to survive and save themslves.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Lake of Sins: Escape

by L. S. O’Dea

In a world without animals who will take their place?

Trinity risks everything to venture beyond the encampment to try and find her friend.

When she’s hunted from land and sea surrender is her only option, but which enemy should she choose?

A captivating dystopian read filled with human-animal hybrids and creatures you’ve never even imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Bottle Born Blues

by Conor H. Carton

A bottle born, free citizen of the inhabited systems, Shakbout Mansard has serious problems. Accidental knowledge of a plot against the government, being forced by a dangerous terrorist to commit a crime that will start a civil war, and the one he is running from, the one that could destroy the inhabited systems.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by S. C. Eston

On the planet of Garadia floats Prominence City, an oasis of abundance and technological marvels. For Keidi and Artenz, life is good. They work hard to fulfill their role in sustaining Prominence. In return, they share an existence without worry or want, their every need attended to by the ruling corporations, their lives enhanced by a virtual reality accessible with a simple thought.
But when a dear friend of Keidi goes suddenly missing, their idyllic existence begins to crumble. And when they start asking questions—the wrong questions, questions that reveal cracks in Prominence’s perfect image—the powerful corporations of Prominence take notice.
Now, Keidi and Artenz must choose: do they stay in Prominence and risk the wrath of the corporations, or do they take their chances and run for the Lowlands, a bleak and mysterious place hidden beneath Prominence—if it even exists at all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Crumbling World

by Grace Hamilton

Family comes first—and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his from the looming storm.

Even before becoming a husband and father, safety had been Shane McDonald’s priority for most of his forty-five years. As a nuclear engineer, it’s his responsibility to keep the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant functioning at optimum levels to avoid what protesters fear most—a meltdown.

But when a coronal mass ejection from the sun wipes out power across the globe, stopping a nuclear chain reaction is no longer his primary concern.

Now Shane must trek across hundreds of miles to ensure the safety of his loved ones in a world rapidly disintegrating into lawlessness. Yet with few functioning automobiles and a blind teenage daughter to protect, it’ll require careful planning to reach his prepper mother-in-law’s and reunite with his family…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3

by Melinda Kucsera

Sovvan won’t let a little thing like death stand between her and her family when the dark lord comes for her twin brother. But she also must evade the army of memory-eating creatures searching for her, and somehow keep her memories intact. She can’t save her twin and his world if she can’t remember both are in peril.

But that’s only the beginning of her problems when the Fallen build a gateway to Hell in a magical realm that stores all knowledge. Sovvan can save her twin or she can stop the armies of Hell, but she can’t do both. And the gateway is just the beginning. The Fallen want to release their dark lord’s full power, so nothing can stand against him, not even the bond between a mage and his twin sister.

His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3 includes the first three books of a death-defying epic fantasy adventure set in an immersive world of intrigue and adventure. Get it now!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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