The Power of Conviction

by Catrin Russell

Darkness creeps across the Midlands. The Priesthood must rise against its terrifying presence.

“A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge. Will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!” – The Magic Book Corner *****

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Grimstone: A Croft & Wesson Adventure

by Brad Magnarella

Go West, Prof Croft!

When my magical order assigns me to Grimstone, Colorado on a case, I’m in no hurry to pack my staff and spell books.

The outlaw county is a far cry from my academic calling in New York City. And I’m being paired with junior wizard James Wesson. A hustler, womanizer, and wannabe cowboy, he’s exactly why I prefer working alone.

But something sinister is snatching blondes on the full moon, and the lunar cycle is set to wax full in twenty-four hours — meaning we need to get cracking.

Can the wizard duo of Croft and Wesson blow open the case in time to save the next victim?

Or will our odd-couple act spell doom for Grimstone?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Survive the Dungeon

by S Mays

Imagine yourself trapped in a dungeon. Now imagine you’re alone and unarmed.

Awakening in a barren stone cell, he has no memory of his past.

He is weaponless, defenseless, without spells, or even necessities such as food and water. Survival under such conditions would be difficult in any situation, but it’s nearly impossible when monsters and other threats lurk around every corner. No fighter, no cleric, no ranger, or druid to assist him. A lone man against the darkness.

He must delve deep into the dungeon’s hostile depths if he has any hope of escape, but no one leaves the dungeon unchanged…

Previously $3.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

Cyberpunk City Book One: The Machine Killer

by D.L. Young

**Now with BONUS CONTENT including a FREE prequel novella**

Sprawling megacities, rogue AIs, black market tech, modded mercenaries, and a pulse-pounding story filled with unexpected twists!

A notorious data thief thinks his life of cybercrime is behind him. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Forced by a powerful executive to steal a priceless dataset, Blackburn Maddox uncovers the shocking truth of a secret war between AIs, raging inside the digital universe known as virtual space. Plunged headlong into the deadly conflict, he’ll have to use every trick he’s ever learned—and a few he’s never tried before—if he wants to survive.

If you love gritty, near-future scifi, you won’t want to miss this series!

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Willing

by Lindsay Lees

To Escape a Fully Controlled “Utopian” City-State, There Is Only One Way Out — To Single-Handedly Confront This Scary and Absurd World.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Dragon Assassin Omnibus: Volumes 1-3

by Arthur Slade

Carmen wants to graduate assassin school. But the emperor has declared war on assassins. Her only choice is to search for a secret weapon: a dragon.

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Jaeth’s Eye

by K.S. Villoso

In a world of warlords, clans, and dynasties, a hero’s daughter is caught between two brothers and a war over a weapon of mass destruction.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

RED HOPE: 5th Anniversary Edition

by John Dreese

NASA scrambles to assemble the first manned mission to the Red Planet after shocking photographs arrive back on Earth. The A-list astronauts walk away. One man, who can’t even support his own family, is offered the chance of a lifetime…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by John Dreese

Four astronauts left home to be the first people on Mars. What didn’t come back will haunt life on Earth forever…

Follow the adventure as disaster triggers the greatest treasure hunt in history – spanning the globe and beyond. The prize is nothing short of humanity’s very survival!

Previously $3.99

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