Qaza Alien Halfbreed

by C. Y. Croc

A dark past screwed up Qaza and his brother Quazor and it shaped them into hard, uncaring males who don’t give a damn about anything or anyone but themselves.
However, an unexpected strange female turns up with their latest consignment of creatures and she makes Qaza question his actions. Jealous, Quazor becomes even more ruthless and cruel – more cruel than his brother has ever seen him before.

When Victoria and the horses in her care are beamed up into a spaceship, she thinks she’s dreaming. That is until she wakes up in a rancid smelling filthy cell – luckily still with the horses. But the dirty cell and ugly aliens she first encounters are the least of her worries. Reality is about to get a whole lot worse when both the horses and her are sold off to other aliens.

Will Victoria drive a wedge between the brothers and break the unhealthy bond that ties them?
Triggering content

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Flight of the Spark

by Evelyn Puerto

She never expected lawbreakers to take away her fear. And that those who promised to keep her safe would become her deadliest enemies.

Iskra is terrified of breaking the rules. So her life turns upside-down when a supposedly savage outlaw rescues her from a gang of deadly bandits. But as she learns more about the rebellious outsiders, the authorities abduct her friend to ensure her silence.

Determined to search forbidden territory for her missing confidant, Iskra finds herself falling for the bold renegade willing to help her cause. But when local leaders catch wind of her whereabouts, they’ll do whatever it takes to stop this rule-breaker from learning the shocking truth—and separate her from her forbidden love. Even if they have to silence her forever.
An impressively original, deftly crafted and inherently entertaining read from cover to cover. –Midwest Review of Books

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Blood Creek Witch

by Jay Barnson

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, a monstrous evil rises, and the only one who can stand against it is a teen-aged witch who doesn’t believe in magic.

Grieving and lost after the death of her parents, Jenny Morgan is sent to West Virginia to live with an aunt she’s never met. It’s there that Jenny is confronted with an unbelievable family heritage of witchcraft and magic – something she immediately dismisses as old-fashioned superstitions. However, once her new home is threatened by deadly horrors straight out of myth and folklore, her aunt’s stories become impossible to ignore.

Now Jenny and her three new friends – friends with dark secrets all their own – are the only ones who stand a chance of stopping the growing evil, but only if Jenny can embrace her arcane heritage. But little does Jenny know, becoming a witch will attract the attention of an even greater evil…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Rhett C Bruno

The real world is only where you breathe…

In High Earth, digital entertainment is everything. Shows. Virtual Worlds. Simulations—there’s something for everybody in a city where working for a living has been rendered obsolete by technological advancements. Even a short walk outside to visit with others is no longer necessary. Just load into the network and you can be with anyone, anywhere.

For Asher Reinhart, nothing compares to Ignis: Live, a reality show that pushes human beings to their very extremes. As a volunteer director, Asher closely monitors the lives of those living on an interstellar ark, believing they’re the last of humanity.

But when it’s determined that the life of the show’s brightest star, Mission, must be put in danger to boost declining ratings, Asher is forced to choose: the show he loves, or the woman whose existence has been the focus of his life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Tribe of Daughters

by Kate L. Mary

In this village, women are not the weaker sex.

Nearly a century after a plague ravaged civilization, a secluded matriarchal society thrives in the mountains. In this village there are no brothers, no fathers, no sons. In this village men exist only to serve the women, and boys have no mothers. In this village men do as they are told and defiance is severely punished.

This is the only life Wilderness has ever known, but when Jameson is brought in from the outside to be her husband, everything she thought she knew about strength and love is tested. As they struggle to find their place in the village, they suddenly find themselves face to face with outsiders who threaten to destroy everything they love, and it doesn’t take long to realize that they will have to work together, men and women alike, if they want to survive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

For Whom the Bell Trolls

by D.H. Aire

On a distant world, fleeing the fall of their House to treachery, a group of girls finds themselves cut off from the rest of the fleeing kin. Lost they fall prey to goblins in the Badlands. They don’t know what to think when they are rescued by a pair of troll from out of the Great Waste, where once the forces of magic and science were said to have been used in a terrible war that laid the land desolate. One of the trolls, Lawson, is considered a dwarf among his people, being only 7 feet tall and, worse, known for always finding trouble. His fourteen foot tall companion, Greth, a desert scout, accompanies him on their quest to find a friend, a wizard whose seeking his way home to another world. Their quest’s now in jeopardy as they wonder who’s going to save them from the girls they’ve rescued. Welcome to book 1 of the Hands of the Highmage Series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Shadow Order (Crossroads Witch Book 1)

by J.S. Malcom

I didn’t even know I had magic, never mind being some sort of gatekeeper between worlds. Well, that sure explains a few things. Now, there’s just the little problem of being hunted by demons. Readers are calling Crossroads Witch “amazing,” “with strong female leads,” full of “excitement, suspense” and an “excellent start to the new series!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Rogue Stars:

by C. Gockel and Other Authors

Sometimes you have to go Rogue …

Jump into seven full-length novels exploring the last great frontier. Rogue Stars has alien invasions, artificial intelligence, galactic intrigue, and heroes that will defy orders to do what is right.

Blast off to new worlds. Download this collection today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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