Space Academy Dropouts

by C.T. Phipps


“Boldly going because they’re completely lost.”

The newly renamed Vance Turbo has sabotaged his own career at Space Fleet Academy due to a desire to atone for a training accident. Unfortunately, his actions result in him getting press-ganged into an expendable crew of misfits recruited by a legendary starship captain. Their mission? To recover a collection of lost sun-destroying missiles that could restart a galactic war. Unfortunately, Vance is smart enough to know something is wrong with this picture. After all, no sane person would recruit this crew to save the universe.

SPACE ACADEMY DROPOUTS is an all-new series from the hilarious duo of C.T. Phipps (Supervillainy Saga, Agent G) and Michael Suttkus (I Was a Teenage Weredeer, Lucifer’s Star) that lampoons the space opera as well as military science fiction genres.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

A Thousand Li (Books 1-3)

by Tao Wong

Given a chance at immortality, can Wu Ying grasp the fleeting opportunity? Start the first arc of the A Thousand Li series in celebration of the The First Step Deluxe Collector’s Edition launching on Kickstarter.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Darkspace Renegade

by G J Ogden

Humanity depends on the star bridges. Hallam Knight must tear them down… Hallam Knight is a Bridge Runner, flying the galaxy’s only source of Randenite fuel to distant worlds. Without Randenite, civilization dies. But when Hallam is captured by The Darkspace Renegades, he learns a terrible secret. To save humanity, interstellar travel must end.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Deathwind: War of the Harbingers

by Brad Pawlowski

When Nathan Stryder is taken from Earth and thrown into the midst of an interstellar war, he makes a deal with the Meraki Dominya to rescue his sister. Teaming up with Arista, a lethal alien commando, they become entangled in an expanding conflict driven by a mysterious prophecy. Can he survive the cosmic forces at play and save an entire planet?

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Breaking Free (The Planet Prophecies Part 1 of The Tribal Era)

by Anthony Hudgins

It is the age of antiquity in the world of Entisha. Two tribes are at war on the continent of Grath. A secret society known as the Order of the White Rabbit manipulated both peoples. Three fates soon intertwine. Drake, a former soldier betrayed by his king, turned dragon hunter. Dirk is the only survivor of a village massacre. Why was he spared?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Sundered Realms

by Casey Blair

The Sundered Realms is equal parts epic fantasy and steamy romance in a world magically sundered into different pocket dimensions connected only by rare portals. This is an action-packed story about an interdimensional combat ambassador heroine joining forces with the most dangerous spellcaster in the universe to battle the demons trying to devour what remains of the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Sapphire Eclipse: Mistwood Academy Book 1

by Amy Hart

A vampire. A murder. A prophecy.

I’m Emily Sanderson. I used to be an ordinary girl. Now I’m a vampire, living at Mistwood Academy, a school for supernatural teenagers. It’s not how I pictured my life turning out, but I’ve made friends, and I’m doing okay in my classes. I know I’ll figure things out.

But then I’m attacked and everything changes. There are whispered voices. Threats. And dark magic. Something sinister is going on at Mistwood … something that results in murder.

Now I’m caught up in an ancient prophecy. A prophecy I need to stop before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Hidden Spell: Mistwood Academy Book 2

by Amy Hart

A secret. A weapon. A spell.

I’m Emily Sanderson, and I’m not an ordinary vampire. My life’s been turned upside down more times than I can handle, and all I want is to figure out my newest powers and to keep studying at Mistwood Academy, the school that’s become my home.

Actually, no. All I really want is to give those powers back.

But when Haven Montgomery, my best friend and a powerful witch, offers me a solution, I know things are going to get complicated. Because something about her has changed since the night of the Sapphire Eclipse. I don’t know how to help her, and I don’t know who to trust.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life at Mistwood, it’s that nothing’s as easy as it seems.

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The Henry Gallant Saga (Books 1-3)

by H. Peter Alesso

As the last starfighter, only Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion. In an era of genetic engineering, Henry Gallant is the only Natural left in the United Planets’ fleet. For fans of Honor Harrington and Horatio Hornblower.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Generations: A Science Fiction Political Mystery Thriller

by Noam Josephides

GENERATIONS is a heart-pounding tale of political intrigue and personal sacrifice, where love, betrayal, and shifting loyalties intertwine. It is the story of the indomitable will of a woman who refuses to bow down to tyranny, and of the enduring power of truth in a world built on lies.

For eight generations, the Thetis has been carrying the remnants of humanity on a journey to resettle on a new planet. Life on board is a Utopia: egalitarian, tolerant and united.

But when a strange extortion attempt targets the ship’s leader, that idyllic façade begins to crack.

SANDRINE LIET, the introvert Archivist tasked with the investigation, is pulled into a web of deception and a direct collision with the most powerful people on the Thetis. Every step she takes, her suspicions of a far-reaching conspiracy grow – as are the personal consequences for her future if she keeps digging.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Ghost Squad

by Sean Kennedy

Heroes are forged in the fires of trial

Kavi Stonecrest carries a heavy legacy. His mother, the awe-inspiring Lioness, turned the tide of the Battle of Valun with her strategic genius and swordsmanship. His father challenged the foundation of magic and sorcery with visionary clockwork technology. Kavi stands in their formidable shadows, searching for his own path. Destiny is never content with silence, and the call to adventure roars when Kavi meets a young woman with unyielding spirit who’s embarked on an age-old quest, one that has mystified the world for centuries. He’s pressed into service where he’s thrust into a whirlwind of trials pushing the boundaries of life and death. Together with his comrades, the enigmatic Ghost Squad, Kavi must find a way to stay alive and learn his true purpose.

Book 3 releases this week!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic