The 9/11 Machine

by Greg Enslen

Dr. Donald Ellis lost everything on 9/11. He lost his wife and daughter in the south tower of the World Trade Center. But while others grieved, or plotted revenge, Dr. Ellis threw himself into a long-dormant research project. He traded his lab at the University of New York for an ugly riverfront warehouse in Brooklyn. What is he working on? And why does he spend every free moment at the warehouse standing by the river, staring across the water at Ground Zero? Because Dr. Ellis has a plan: he’s going to make 9/11 “unhappen.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


The Singularity: Heretic

by David Beers

In the early twenty-first century, humanity marveled at its greatest creation: Artificial Intelligence. They never foresaw the consequences of such a creation, though…

Now, in a world where humans must meet specifications to continue living, a man named Caesar emerges. Different, both in thought and talent, Caesar somehow slipped through the genetic net meant to catch those like him.

Eyes are falling on Caesar now, though, and he can no longer hide. The Artificial Intelligence wants him dead, but others want him to lead their revolution…

Can one man stand against humanity’s greatest creation?

A don’t-miss epic science fiction novel that pits one man fighting for the future of all people!

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


Cutting Edge

by Kendrick E. Knight

Nick Blade is a hunted man. The Agency is certain he is an alien, and they assign their best field operative to watch him. While under close surveillance, he disappears from a public beach taking a young mother and her daughter with him. The manhunt goes worldwide and could result in disastrous long term consequences for every human on Earth. Riki Dorn, the Agency’s best agent, is smart and tenacious. Nick’s disappearance on her watch ends her career and sends her on a mission of vengeance. Nick accepts the challenge Agent Dorn represents as he and his six legged partner attempt to save Earth from permanently harming its chances to join the other intelligent species in the universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel

by A.L. Knorr

Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong.

Life for a small-town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward – for 17-year-old Targa MacAuley, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother (a mermaid) is tricky enough, but dealing with the feelings of guilt that she’s never been able to ‘change’, and confusion that she doesn’t seem to be attracted to boys (or girls for that matter), Targa feels like she’s got more demons than the average kid.

When the opportunity to salvage a mysterious wreck in the Baltic arises for her mom, a professional salvage diver by day, Targa jumps at the chance to go abroad for the summer. But it’s when she meets handsome Antoni Baranek, and a boating accident puts them both in danger, that Targa’s world turns completely inside out in more ways than one.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Born of Fire: An Elemental Origins Novel

by A.L. Knorr

Welcome to the Secret World of Fire Magi – Where What Doesn’t Kill You (Literally) Makes You Stronger.

17-yr-old Saxony Cagney, just a normal North American girl, counts herself lucky when she wins a position as an au pair in Venice for the summer. It’s her responsibility to take care of two young boys – speak to them in English, make sure they get to their swimming lessons on time. But when she discovers that Isaia is dying from an unknown condition and his mom is trying to keep it a secret from his dad, things get a violent shove into complicated…and then contagious (she’ll never be the same again).

She finds herself in possession of an ancient power she can’t control. Just when she’s got more on her plate than she can handle

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