Blood of the King (Khirro’s Journey Book 1)

by Bruce Blake

A kingdom torn by war. A curse whispered by dying lips. A hero born against his will.

Khirro was content to live out his days as a farmer in a peaceful corner of the kingdom far from the front lines of the war. But fate had other plans.

When a shaman’s curse binds him to the fallen king, Khirro must leave behind his quiet life and embark on a perilous journey to save the kingdom from the undead army threatening to destroy it.

If he survives.

Driven by the mage’s dying words, Khirro bears a vial of the king’s blood. His destination: the necromancer’s keep in the cursed land of Lakesh. Only the mysterious outlaw magician can raise the king to save them all, but can Khirro overcome his fear and doubt to deliver the vial and become the his country needs?

Can a coward save a kingdom?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Survive the Dungeon

by S Mays

Imagine yourself trapped in a dungeon. Now imagine you’re alone and unarmed.

Awakening in a barren stone cell, he has no memory of his past.

He is weaponless, defenseless, without spells, or even necessities such as food and water. Survival under such conditions would be difficult in any situation, but it’s nearly impossible when monsters and other threats lurk around every corner. No fighter, no cleric, no ranger, or druid to assist him. A lone man against the darkness.

He must delve deep into the dungeon’s hostile depths if he has any hope of escape, but no one leaves the dungeon unchanged…

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Alpha Female

by L.J. Breedlove

Professor Abby Stafford is middle-aged, overweight and burnt out. A summer at the Wolf Harbor Fitness Resort sounds like just what she needs.
They may have left out a few details.
First in the Wolf Harbor series, free to celebrate the release of book 4.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Colin Dodds

When Harry Injurides returns from the dead, it sends his friends in strange directions. They build tech empires based on digital pain and start new religions. Their wild successes lead them into a vicious conflict with each other that forever changes what it means to be human.

Shelf Unbound Notable 100 Book
Reader Views Science Fiction Silver Award
ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Quarterfinalist

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Mercy Rising: The Prophecy

by DC Little

Their survival depends on Mercy rising.

At least, that is what Mercy has been told her entire life. It has been twenty years since she has been born. Twenty years since the World Before had gone dark from a strange natural disaster. Twenty years of her family, and their small community of Zion, living off the land in a hidden ravine far away from the chaos in the cities.

Mercy fights against the role she is told she plays in the coming storm they had been preparing for most of her life. Daily training, drills, and an entire lifestyle that built a warrior community, all for a possibility that has never come.

Yet, when on a solo hunting trip, she finds an unconscious man with eyes that are as familiar as her dreams, her world dramatically shifts and she realizes why her father, the leader of Zion, has been training them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Narrator

by Babak Hodjat

“With a technologist’s understanding of how Silicon Valley works, a futurist’s vision of what’s coming next, and a novelist’s sense of irony and suspense, Hodjat dramatizes, in this sharp-edged novella, a bleeding-edge breakthrough in storytelling…” – BookLife Reviews

Imagine an app that creates a story based on a user’s daily activities and interactions… The Narrator is that app.

After management gives the green light to add features to make the app stickier, the production team start seeing an anomalous trend among certain users, and themselves, and is determined to get to the bottom of these unintended dark implications, just as the FBI starts investigating.
Set in the near future and fraught with suspense, The Narrator is a foreboding of the power of technology, and asks the urgent question: In the end, how much control do we really have over our decisions and ideas?

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Twilight Kingdom

by HJ Tolson

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Candle Enys discovers her brother has sold her soul to a demon.

Scared for her life, Candle runs away. But the mountains of Hanternos are dangerous, especially for soft-hearted girls who have never learned to fight. At dawn and at dusk spirits crawl from the shadows, searching for bodies to steal. Evil stirs in the deep caves, and the wind smells of black powder.

A chance meeting with an ancient being sets her on the path to power she never knew she possessed. It also places a target on her back.

If she is to survive, Candle must defeat her monsters, or risk becoming one herself.

A dark fantasy with steampunk and horror elements.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Taste of Vampire

by D.S. Murphy

In a kingdom ruled by ravenous vampires, I was bred to serve and destined to bleed. When I’m chosen by an elite, I’m thrust into a deadly world of courtly intrigue and dark desires. As I navigate the brutal Trials, an old friend pulls me into a plot against the throne. Can I find my grandfather’s secret antidote and use it against the fanged tyrant – or will he kill me before I seal the deal with his immortal son?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Thirst for Vampire

by D.S. Murphy

The one thing that still haunts me is the vampire prince who once claimed my heart. I can’t help the yearning I feel for him, even as I fight against his kind. I’m torn between my duty to the rebels and the love I still feel for the vampire prince. Will Damien betray his father to save me, or will our love destroy us both?

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