Gunslinger to the Stars

by Joe Vasicek

Sam Kletchka here, freelance gunslinger and interstellar privateer. This, my friends, is how I went from being stranded in the armpit of the galaxy to becoming the luckiest human in the universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


The Glass Palace

by Kathryn Trattner

For as long as Astrid can remember she’s been betrothed to a stranger. When tragedy strikes her husband-to-be emerges from the shadows ready to claim her hand in marriage. Unable to resist this mysterious stranger she is drawn into a realm of captivating magic and haunting secrets.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


The Flaws of Gravity

by Stephanie Caye

The existence of tequila is at stake. Oh, and humanity too.

Half-Faerie Jude’s been playing both sides of a supernatural cold war. While collecting a paycheck from the Consilium for fighting against the Faerie Court, she’s also helping her friend Aubrie search for illicit magic behind their backs. Aubrie wants more than magic, though, and when Jude finds herself pitted violently against her human colleagues on his behalf, he lets her take the fall.

Now she’s got enemies everywhere. Before she can cut and run, preferably to a warm, sandy beach somewhere in the vicinity of “The Hell Away from This Mess,” a shady group of Faeries steps in. In return for Jude’s help, the Fae promise her freedom and safe, anonymous passage to her chosen sandy paradise.

There’d better be one hell of an umbrella drink waiting.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Manufacturing Magic: An Epic LitRPG Series (Jeff the Game Master Book 1)

by Jaime Castle and Troy Osgood

10 million active players. One Game Master. Big Problems.

Infinite Worlds is the most popular VRMMORPG on the market. Its maps are so vast, developer Hard Rock Data utilizes a network of highly advanced Artificial Intelligences to control it. But it’s not without problems.

That’s why Game Masters like Jeff Driscoll have jobs. The downside? He’s not allowed to play the game. Something about conflicts of interest and favoritism.

His boring, tedious job is to help players deal with the occasional bug that slips through the cracks and ensure they enjoy their time playing enough to give a 5-star rating. It’s a gig. It pays the bills.

However, when the A.I.s unexpectedly issue a Rogue Patch, the game becomes a buggy mess and Jeff’s role radically changes. He finds himself as the only Game Master around, and it’s up to him to return Infinite Worlds to normalcy. If the A.I.s let him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Reluctant Undertaker

by Angel Leigh McCoy

Can you flirt with evil without losing everything? Life is conspiring against Isabella. It’s hard to be the responsible one, especially when it’s the last thing you want. After her mother’s death, Isabella put her dreams on hold to run the family business—the Fandelli Funeral Home. She’s back in Wyrdwood, single, fighting with her sister, and trying hard not to act out in frustration.

When the beat drops, people die.

After a moonlit rave, a young woman ends up on Isabella’s slab. The evidence suggests it was no ordinary overdose, and more deaths follow. As Isabella investigates, she attracts the attention of the killer. He chooses her to be Bacchus’s Bride, the one who will bring about human extinction.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


The Time of the Timeless

by A.R. McNevin

From the beginning of their time, mankind has been afraid of the dark and what it held. It wasn’t the ancestor of the dog or the cat which gave early man pause, but the terrifying hideous forces of the Yogsothery; creatures of unimaginable horror awaited for our forebearers in the shadows, encouraging them to keep close to the fire.
But even then, there were those who would wander. Heroes and champions; men and women driven by virtue, self-sacrifice and no small measure of personal madness. They would go into the darkness, face these foes from beyond the stars, and, sometimes, they even would return.
It’s been a 100,000 years since this war began; a war not of our making; a shadow war. And the members of the Parliament of Crowe continue to fight this good and necessary fight.
In this new age, this twenty-first century, a change is coming; a change we may not easily survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban