Wyrmrider Ascending

by Theophilus Monroe

Because a little tail can kick a lot of ass.

Joni Campbell grew up reading the stories of her ancestors on a Louisiana plantation. That was one side of her family…

But her mother descended from an ancient people, the Fomorian shape-shifting merfolk.

Her unique heritage also gave her the unique ability to siphon the magic of other magical person or creatures and wield it for herself.

She’s had her share of adventures.

But when her child, still in the womb, inherits dragon magic she has only one place to turn to help him. Her Fomorian relatives…

Little did Joni realize they needed her help as much as she did theirs.

Strange sea dragons, or wyrm, have appeared and threaten Fomoria.

And only Joni can tame these creatures…

But who sent the wyrm after Fomoria to begin with? Can she stop them in time, or will the wyrm overrun her ancient people’s home?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban