Wolf Moon

by Jayne Hawke

Baker turned werewolf – there’s no way this can go wrong.
Rosalyn Mercier had a clear dream in life – to become a baker for the rich and famous. She spent the first twenty-four years of her life working towards that. Then she was bitten by a rogue loup garou (that’s a wolf shifter to non-supernaturals), and that dream went up in a puff of vanilla-scented smoke.

The council of supernaturals task Rosalyn with tracking down the rogue and bringing them to justice. She’s put under the watchful eye of brooding alpha with a dark past, Cole Loxwood. Together they must work to help Rosalyn come to terms with her new life while hunting down the rogue who is leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

As Rosalyn digs deeper into the identity of the rogue she comes to realise that no one around her is quite what they seem. She’s soon left with no idea who she can trust. As the bodies pile up Rosalyn must race to find out who the rogue is before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban