Wolf Cursed

by Lana Melyan

I’m one of a kind. Or I will be if I survive my first shift.

Sometimes life makes you take a path you never meant to. It’s called fate.
My whole life we’ve been moving from place to place to hide that we were witches from the world.
At least that’s what my mother told me.

But then, this gorgeous guy shows up in our small town and tells me that on the next full moon, I will turn into a wolf.
What he and my mother neglected to tell me was that no girl half-witch and half-wolf could survive the shift.
My kind was cursed more than two hundred years ago.
I wasn’t allowed to exist.

And if by some miracle I could survive the transition, I will become all the packs’ and covens’ nightmare and they all will try to catch and kill me.
Why? That’s a different question for another day that I’m dying to find the answer to.
And I will if I survive the shift.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban