Wolf and Flame

by Uncharted Bloodlines

In a world where gods and demons battle for control, Kasspian, an untrained mage with a demon bloodline, and Cara, a wolf shifter Druid with no powers, are brought together by karma. As blood wars and demonic forces threaten to tear their world apart, the gods of the Divine Realm are tracking their cultivation stats and meddling in their lives. But Kasspian and Cara must forge a new path to power or risk being consumed by the chaos around them. As they navigate their forbidden attraction and choose between family loyalty and each other, they discover the true price of their destiny. Wolf and Flame is an exhilarating progression fantasy with a unique blend of western cultivation and litRPG, spiced with a dash of romance. Will Kasspian and Cara defy the heavens and challenge the gods to save their world? Join them on their quest to grow stronger and find out!

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends