by J Clair

Witches now rule the world…
but one powerless, human girl will save it.

In the distant future, humans are an endangered species and witches are royalty. Adults and children alike hone their witchcraft for both the approval of the royal family, and in anticipation of the Harvest – a major event in which the royal family, known as the Ostara, steps out of the shadows to handpick potential heirs to the throne.

One prospective successor is Madeline Chase, a determined young girl with surgical-like focus on completing her mission – to destroy the Ostara Coven. She has been training for the HArvest all her life, and now is the time to price her worth.

If only she weren’t human.

A gripping tale of wonder and suspense, Witchfall is a story of romance and magic, friendship and survival, defying destiny and finding the audacity to hope again.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban