Where the Moon Has Been

by Judith Lepore

Young village healer Tekoah flees two lethal shapeshifting sorcerers. One is smitten with her and the other wants her dead.
Zant’s sole aim is eternal domination over the land, and Tekoah’s magical clan stands in his way. Moody Braith is young, but his powers already surpass any sorcerer ever spawned. His one vulnerability: Tekoah, who wants nothing to do with him.
A momentous clash between the sorcerers is inevitable, and war looms with the neighbouring country. Amid the danger and chaos, Tekoah must make her choice: Save herself, or help her clan.
Set in the mythical land of Miraven, Where the Moon Has Been is a haunting tale of obsession and revenge, first in the fantasy trilogy “The Magic of Miraven.”. This story will appeal to Guy Gavriel Kay, Naomi Novik, and other lyrical fantasy authors.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Mirror of the Sea

by Judith Lepore

Can a small hero defeat a giant villain?

A lonely, winged girl flees her birthplace and finds shelter in the island kingdom of Walwyn. Hybrid sorcerer and mortal, Nowait has always been shunned or hunted. Here she finds people she can trust—even love. But her happiness is short-lived.

When she learns that a fleet of marauding pirates from her world are invading, Nowait pledges to defend Walwyn alongside her new friends, the Seer, and the prince. But the armed ships darkening the horizon just keep coming.

Then another threat emerges–so horrifying that it eclipses everything else. For centuries, an ancient evil has lurked in the ocean’s depths, waiting to strike. When it does, even Walwyn’s navy doesn’t stand a chance against it. In the end, Nowait must use her wits to combat the monstrous foe. Before it engulfs her newfound haven, and destroys them all…

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