What Goes Around Comes Around

by Ellen Alexander

“What Goes Around Comes Around” is a riveting tale of high-stakes exploration and unforeseen consequences set against the backdrop of the dangerous and mysterious Red Sea.

The story follows Alex, a dedicated marine biologist with a unique affinity for the sea and its mysterious depths. A series of mysterious deaths in the vicinity of the small town of Obock, Djibouti draws Alex and his team into the perilous waters of the Red Sea, where they discover an unimagined world teeming with secrets and unknown dangers.

Among the coral gardens and shipwrecks, Alex and his team discover a series of underwater caves housing a peculiar species of octopuses, later named ‘Octopus sapiens.’ What sets these octopuses apart is their apparent high intelligence and a strange ability to influence human minds, a trait that gradually reveals itself as the fatal factor causing the mysterious deaths.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure