Welcome to the Madhouse

by S.E. Sasaki

In Space, Medicine Can Be MURDER

When Dr. Grace Lord, combat surgeon, lands her dream job aboard the Conglomerate’s Premier Medical Space Station – the Nelson Mandela – she can scarcely believe her good fortune. Little does she know that from her first step onto the station, her life would be in danger. Attacked by marines who look like animals, stalked by androids who look like humans, and harangued by a mentor with Megalomaniac Hyperactivity Disorder, Grace suspects her dream job may actually be a nightmare. When a mysterious ship docks at the station containing only oily puddles and no crew, the lives of everyone on board the Nelson Mandela are suddenly at risk. A race begins to find a cure for the most deadly organism humanity has ever encountered before it is too late.

‘A layered debut that sings odes to the grandmasters of sci-fi.’ ~ Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera