Wayward Moon: Dark Fae Hollow 6

by Aileen Harkwood

How can a human wield the powers of a fae?

Growing darkness is infecting the once romantic city of Venice, Italy, and Lunari, a human who doesn’t know she possesses a rare fae ability, is at the center of it. When abruptly, without having committed a crime, she is marked for public execution by the Human Council of Ashia Hollow, her only choice is to go on the run.

Pursued by humans and fae alike, Lunari doesn’t dare trust anyone with her life, least of all sexy and brutal Aril, the dark fae hunter with a suspicious past and mysterious interest in protecting her. Lunari’s gift for using dreams to distort and manipulate reality may make her a sought after commodity, but if the prophecies are to be believed, she is also destined to unwittingly bring apocalypse to the hollow.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban