Waters of Salt and Sin

by Alisha Klapheke

A dangerous romance, a stolen sister, and the mythical treasure that could change everything.

To save her sister from starvation and hold on to her relationship with the high-caste friend she secretly loves, Kinneret sets out for a lost island of silver. When a madman enslaves her sister, Kinneret makes a deal with the local ruler: Help the leader find the island and secure the ruler’s place in history. In return, the leader’s fighting sailors will rescue her sister.

Using Salt Magic to navigate cursed waters, Kinneret struggles to hide her taboo, caste-breaking feelings for her friend, knowing if the ruler witnesses the attraction, she’ll cancel the agreement. But when her friend makes a terrible mistake, Kinneret must choose between the life of her only remaining family member and saving the boy she loves from a traitor’s death.

Perfect for Kristin Cashore and Robin McKinley fans!

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends