Water Witch

by Thea Atkinson

Alaysha can kill with a mere thought. She’s a water witch, a unique young woman with magic that can control the element with such precision it dries living things to mere husks. But it’s also a power she can’t control. And that makes her even more deadly.

Forced to live on the fringes of her village, she’s an outcast who is feared and loathed. Her war-mongering father uses her as a weapon to conquer more and more lands. She’s desperate to earn his love and respect. She’ll do anything to win his acceptance. And she has. Terrible things.

When a mysterious stranger claims to know the secret to guiding her destructive magic, she sees one last chance to save herself from a lifetime of loneliness. If she can find the key to managing her power, she might finally be able to live a normal life.

But the key just might open more than she bargains for…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Blood Witch

by Thea Atkinson

Alaysha has managed a tenuous control of her overwhelming power, but it’s not enough. The people she loves are still threatened by her deadly magic. So when a beautiful fire witch arrives in Sarum with offers of apprenticeship, it’s almost too good to be true.

The mentorship is shrouded in secrets, and those secrets challenge everything Alaysha thought she knew about herself. They might even bring her and the city to the brink of war. With it all hanging in the balance, her powers have never been so critical for the safety of Sarum.

The problem is she just might be fighting the wrong enemy.

She needs to find someone she can trust, even if it’s a brooding, battle-hardened young warrior who doesn’t like her. And to do that she must strip herself of everyone and everything she has come to care about in order to discover the truth.

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