Warrior Princess: Sci Fi Space Opera Adventure – Epic Warrior Survival

by J.T. Skye

Okay, I know I’m spoiled. I am THE Princess of the galactic-wide Hoganthan Empire.

Why did my parents authorize my execution? Hmm? They even made my brother sign the decree!

After all, the elite son did make unwanted advances, so I recorded it and published my unflattering rejection across the known galaxy. The vid was the real deal, not like some space opera you see on the channel threads.

Now? I’m running for my life and there is only one place safe to go – but will the Warrior Academy even allow me to set foot on Haden? Well, I’ll make sure they know it’s me arriving and not some elite twit.

As my mentor, Tor Benet, has said, I do like to make an entrance. . . of sorts. Well, crash landing a stolen pirate ship may qualify.

They want to kill me? Then they’ll need to prepare to die because I don’t give up. Ever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure