Waking Spero

by IQ Malcolm

2045 is the last year that Space Force Academy recruit Clover can remember. But after barely surviving her downed escape pod’s crashlanding on a faraway planet, she knows survival will take every ounce of her military training. Desperate for answers, she thinks she and her two fellow survivors best hope for reclaiming their memories lies with the spaceship she saw plummet to the surface…

Aspiring teenaged artist Unai thought he was free from facing struggle like his father. But he’d rather be back in his family butcher shop when he wakes on an alien terrain with a cute cadet and a feral girl. And with carnage on the horizon and no recollection of what happened, he’ll need more than his artistic instincts to stay alive in the deadly jungle.

Can they navigate the savage lands before the extraterrestrial wildlife tears them apart?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure