Veil of Anarchy

by Vannetta Chapman

Can law and order survive in a world without rules?

As police chief, Tanda Lopez has vowed to protect the people of Alpine. But how do you protect a town against itself?

Situated deep in the Chihuahuan Desert, no one is coming to help the citizens of this remote Texas town. When the entire array of lower orbital satellites crash, they are instantly catapulted into a world without communication, power, or resources. Tanda is determined that law and order won’t be the next casualty of the apocalypse. But how can she fight a corrupt mayor? Can she stand between those who wish to uphold the law and those who are intent on annihilating it? And what will she do about the neighboring communities who are preparing to attack?

As a Veil of Anarchy blankets the world, will Alpine and its people be destroyed? Veil of Anarchy is book one in a new post-apocalyptic survival thriller series.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Veil of Confusion

by Vannetta Chapman

Who can be trusted in a world gone mad?

When Harper Moore and Cade Dawson realize they are expecting a child, they both understand that it’s time to leave the northern barrio located in what used to be El Paso, Texas. But where will their unborn child be safe, and how are they supposed to get there?

Three months after all of the lower orbital satellites crashed to Earth, society has crumbled. Law and order no longer exist. For Harper and Cade, it’s time to put their own family first.

Escape means walking across the Chihuahuan Desert, putting their lives in the hands of a stranger, and through it all, finding a way to cling to their humanity. If they aren’t able to do that, they will be no better than the savages who chase them through the pitch black, Texas night.

What place is safe, when the entire world is covered by a Veil of Confusion?

Previously $4.99