Varnoth: The Black Blade Book One

by Lavelle Jackson

Imagine awakening in a strange world only to find that you are a humanoid panther tied to a cross and on the verge of death.

Varnoth, the shadow panther, will go on a journey of discovery and adventure as he traverses the strange, cruel world of Albattara. He will use his unique set of skills to survive as he fights hideous monsters and even more depraved humans. Albattara is a world that is not for the faint of heart and only the strong will survive.

Will he discover who he really is and why he was left on a cross to rot?

It will take everything he has inside to combat the evil that is set on destroying him.

This is an epic fantasy LitRPG adventure that includes leveling, statistics, quests, dungeons, and loot!

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Category: Dark Fantasy