Valhalla AWOL Novels One thru Three

by Steve Curry

The first three Valhalla AWOL Novels follow Chosen Warrior Magnus as he attempts to stay off the radar of Odin, his Valkyrie, spooks, spies, cops and anyone else that might become curious about his ageless face and decades or even centuries of existence. Too bad his Wyrd, or fate, seems to have other ideas. Magnus, aka Mouse, is confronted with everything from murders, to divine bikers and supernatural cartel kings, to G-men kidnappings. And even worse, his own pet Raven seems to find it hilarious.

Valhalla AWOL combines Norse mythology in a contemporary setting, along with plenty of other world myths and legends, all seasoned with sarcasm, humor, and some blood pounding action. There’s even a little romance, though Magnus is not very good at that side of life, or afterlife, or whatever you call an escaped Chosen Warrior’s existence.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Wyrd Dís Organizations

by Steve Curry

How can Valhalla expect a banished Chosen Warrior to trust their agenda, when the Valkyrie are apparently at war with each other? Even worse, the Gods and Goddesses themselves seem involved.

But that’s just the beginning of a journey that crosses from Austin Texas, to Iceland and even Russia. Tracking and rescuing his ex-girlfriend. the Valkyrie who wants him dead, leads to Nuclear Weapons, Foes out of ancient legends, and near apocalyptic catastrophes.

Previously $3.99