by Jerry Shepard

They wanted the freedom…
…to run their own lives.
But having lost the war, was that dream dead?

Because he’s royalty, Rig’nak has powers. It made it easy for him to ascend to a leadership role, but leading the Xen/Varak coalition is fraught with danger. And he finds those powers may not be enough.

Can the Separatists win a place to call home?

Can Rig’nak find a way to prevent civil war?

On Tartan Prime, far away from the struggles, Liana and her team of Xenoarchaeologists are on a dig. They thought they were safe, hidden from the fighting, but it didn’t last. They had no way of knowing that the Separatists weren’t the only threat.

Deep in the shadows…

…an ancient evil stirred.

This was only the beginning.

You’ll love the first book in this new series, because this Military SciFi / Space Opera universe has all the details and twists we love to read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military