Underworld Reformatory Book 1: Squad Goals

by Demitria Lunetta, Kate Karyus Quinn, Marley Lynn

I’m Mavis, cat-shifter and big-sister to the only dragon shifter in the world. After gods, vampires, fae, and shifters, wreaked havoc on the world, things are finally getting back to normal. But I don’t know how to deal with normal or how to act in a world no longer at war.

Drawing on my own time behind bars, I have a job working with the prisoners at Underworld Reformatory, where all the bad supernatural creatures are locked up. Can you believe it? After I fought so hard to avoid Hades, I’m working there to identify the prisoners who are too dangerous to ever get out.

But then, my sister, Edie, disappears while on a secret mission for the gods. Despite being hard as scales, that girl is always getting herself into trouble. In order to save her, I have to convince the same prisoners I labeled “no parole” they need to help me save Edie…and the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban