Undercity: Rebellion

by S.C. Jensen

I’m not dead yet, but this isn’t living…
They call me the Ghost. I wander the surface of this nameless city, unseen, searching for the sister I lost many years ago. It is a forsaken place, its battle-scarred surface left to burn under a relentless sun.

I should have given up. But when I uncover a disturbing connection between Lyca’s disappearance and the ancient wars that destroyed our city, I refuse to let it go.

The city is restless. Long-forgotten wounds are beginning to itch. People whisper about rebellion, rising-up to take back what was stolen from us. I only want what was stolen from me.

I would do anything to find my sister, even if it means starting a war. But some secrets were meant to stay hidden, and what I have uncovered will change the city and its people forever.

I’m not dead yet, but I will be soon…

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian