Twilight Visitor

by Réal Laplaine

When China invades Iran for its oil, it sets off a domino-effect when Iran retaliates with a nuclear weapon fired at Beijing. While the world stands helpless to stop the debacle, one man, Mateus Cordozo, a bioengineer who is vacationing in his home town in Portugal, meets a strange woman, an off-worlder, who informs him that only he can prevent a global nuclear disaster from happening.

“The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller but the depth of the plot is rich in complexities philosophical ideas. Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist.” (

“I definitely recommend Twilight Visitor by Réal Laplaine as a five star read to all audiences fond of international political thrillers. It has an awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!” (

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian