Truth in the Smoke

by SP Neeson

You’re fae. I could feel the magic when I walked in the door.

When a famous actress says this to me, I’m torn between thinking she’s insane and asking her for more details. But she leaves before I can do either and when I try to find her the next day, she’s dead and I’m left with more questions than before.

Why did she come to me? Why was she killed? Who did it? And was she crazy or did she know something I don’t?

I can try to forget it ever happened and move on with my life or I can break into her house, and the scene of her murder, to investigate.

What can I say? I’m really good at bad ideas.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Destiny in the Flames

by SP Neeson

“You are literally a faerie princess. Isn’t that every little girl’s dream?”

It was never mine. Of all the things I expected when I left the human world for the Sidhe, being a lost princess didn’t even rank. The title feels like a pair of boots a few sizes too big.

My father, the Winter Prince, insists I compete in the Solstice Challenges and take my place among the Winter nobles. But I’m not the best at taking orders.

I’ve heard the noble fae journey to the Ancient Mother’s domain to seek their destiny. I’m not sure I believe in it, but I’m going anyway. It’s time to get some new answers, figure out what my destiny is and what it has to do with dreams of shattered windows and a mysterious, faceless woman.

It seems like a good idea. The thing is, I’ve always been better with the bad ones.

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