Touched by Myth: The Complete Sphinx Series

by Raye Wagner

When Phoibe refuses Apollo’s advances, the god exacts a terrible revenge. Thus begins the monstrous curse meant to last an eternity-or until Apollo gets what he wants.
Ancient Greece fades into history, but the curse remains. Even as the demigods purge the land of monsters… Even when the Hades strikes against the demigods, and mankind believes the gods are nothing more than myths… Even until our present day.
When Hope discovers safety for her will never exist–unless she fights to create it.
Hope and her friends descend into the depths of the Underworld and then all the way up to Mount Olympus where the gods reside.
As she searches for hidden knowledge, secret weapons, twisted truths, and enough power to square off against the Olympians, she’s forced to face prejudice, ridicule, manipulations and abuse.

But Hope is determined to create her own fate . . . or die trying.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends