Toru: Wayfarer Returns

by Stephanie R. Sorensen

A Japan that might have been…revolutionary samurai take on the West in this alternative history technofantasy set in 1850s Japan.

“A satisfying blend of serious historical speculation, military action, suspense, and romance that at times also evokes the mood of a Miyazaki film” — The US Review of Books

“Cool alternative-history yarn of yester-century Nippon, a promising steampunk-energized start” –– Kirkus Reviews

“Enjoyable and believable work of historical alternative fiction” — Foreword/Clarion Reviews 5 stars

“A compelling and provocative story that intimately describes the struggles of a nation and its people” — Blueink Review

“The paths of sword and steam cross brilliantly….approachable and satisfying.” — Awesome Indies 5 stars

“A terrifically vivid historical novel set in an 1852 Japan re-imagined along Steampunk lines” — Historical Novel Society

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History