Time for PsyQ

by Marti Ward

“TIME FOR PSYQ, the debut novel in author Marti Ward’s new QUANTUM TALENTS series, is a fast-paced and exciting adventure story for older children and adults and would be an excellent option for reading aloud at school or home. The young main characters have unusual mental gifts which the kids work to master and improve as the story progresses. The story will certainly tease the imagination of readers as these gifted children begin to understand and control their skills. One of the best aspects of the plot is that the kids link with their pets and can see, hear, and smell their surroundings through their animals.” — Karen Siddell, Reedsy

“Time for PsyQ is a super-engrossing science fiction novel penned by Marti Ward. Though it may seem that the book is intended for children and teenagers, I am confident adult readers will find it fascinating as well.” — Kajori Sheryl Paul, OBC

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure