Through the Mountains

by Malinda Andrews

Ever since the powerful Moriel destroyed the legendary Ryders, the Realms have lived in fear of the tyranny of magic. Now, those with powers are assumed accomplices, subject to the judgement of the law.

Riona has never believed there was any reason she could be magical — but when dangerous secrets come to light, she finds herself in the center of a conflict decades in the making.

After an encounter with a shadowy stranger further reveals Riona’s hidden powers, she is forced to flee her hometown as she struggles with the truth of her identity. Meanwhile, a young would-be king finds himself trapped in the hands of those who would destroy him —and the kingdom of Erskine — forever.

Unable to turn away from injustice, Riona finds herself unravelling the ties that bind the past — even as they threaten to tangle her in a web of nightmarish proportions.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age