They Mostly Come Out At Night

by Benedict Patrick

The stand-alone fantasy book that readers are calling a delightfully weird, dark fairytale.

The villagers of the forest seal themselves in their cellars at night, whispering each other folktales of the monsters that prey on them in the dark. Only the Magpie King, their shadowy, unseen protector, can keep them safe.

However, when an outcast called Lonan begins to dream of the Magpie King’s defeat at the hands of inhuman invaders, this young man must do what he can to protect his village. He is the only person who can keep his loved ones from being stolen away after dark, and to do so he will have to convince them to trust him again.

They Mostly Come Out At Night is the first novel from Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series. Straddling the line between fantasy and folklore, this book is perfect for fans of the darker Brothers Grimm stories.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends