The Wizard’s Daughter

by K.N. Lee

An orphan without a clan. A wolf-shifter prince without a mate. An enchanted world without a hero.

The Crystal Keep has housed the Untainted since the great war with the dragon clans of the sky kingdoms. Nineteen-year-old Elle is special. Her mother was a wolf-shifter from a royal line, and her father was a wizard with fae blood. The monks and the magic of the Crystal Keep are all that protect her and the other girls of the academy from the outside world, and the magical races who live in chaos.

The fae, wolves, dragons, and elves.
When the crown prince of the kingdom enlists Elle’s help, she finds herself torn from her life once again, and in the center of a centuries-old war with the four clans who make up the Enchanted Kingdom. Will she trust the wolves, or side with the dragons who hate them? Her heart may be all that will save her in this game of heirs and politics.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic