The Tool of the Ghost

by Hemant Nayak


FBI agent Kiran Patel is on the trail of a demon who’s kidnapped eleven children,

Unfortunately, Anatol, her partner and best friend, was just killed by something out of a nightmare.

On his deathbed, he tells Kiran there’s only one hope left to bring the kids home—she’s going to have to summon THE GHOST, a creature so disastrous that even the residents of Hell fear him.

With Anatol’s last breath, he warns Kiran of two things she must never do –

Don’t promise the Ghost anything and don’t trust him for a second.

Heaven rejected him. Hell feared him. His crime was the only one that God could never forgive, but when evil is too powerful for anyone to confront, there’s only one solution left—to summon the Ghost.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Fist of the Ghost

by Hemant Nayak

Would you summon the world’s worst monster if you needed him to protect the ones you love?

In the old streets of Old Warsaw, Anatol faces his biggest challenge yet when he is hunted by a demon like no other and must decide between love, mercy, and survival. The last thing Anatol wants to do is summon the Ghost, but when faced with losing all he loves, the Fist of the Ghost may be his only option.

An absolute joy of a prequel novella where readers of The Path of the Ghost series can go back in time 30 years and relive the conflict-filled days with Anatol and the Ghost when it all began. If you love fantasy novels, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, and series with amazing characters, you are going to love the FIST OF THE GHOST

Previously $2.99