The Time of the Timeless

by A.R. McNevin

From the beginning of their time, mankind has been afraid of the dark and what it held. It wasn’t the ancestor of the dog or the cat which gave early man pause, but the terrifying hideous forces of the Yogsothery; creatures of unimaginable horror awaited for our forebearers in the shadows, encouraging them to keep close to the fire.
But even then, there were those who would wander. Heroes and champions; men and women driven by virtue, self-sacrifice and no small measure of personal madness. They would go into the darkness, face these foes from beyond the stars, and, sometimes, they even would return.
It’s been a 100,000 years since this war began; a war not of our making; a shadow war. And the members of the Parliament of Crowe continue to fight this good and necessary fight.
In this new age, this twenty-first century, a change is coming; a change we may not easily survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban