The Tear of Tybaleth, The Fellowship of the Flame Novel, Book 1

by A. R. Silverberry

A Fiery Heroine, A Ruthless Queen, A Dark and Deadly Magic …

Lonely and trapped in her father’s loveless house, Briar longs to flee as far away as she can with Vance,

Who taught her swordplay,
Who left her breathless,
Who vanished without a trace.

But the sorceress queen of Purpura plots to sell her off to the highest bidder. When Briar thwarts the plan, she’s cast to a fate from which she may never survive.

She’d better.

Or thousands of her countrymen will die …

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Treasure of Trenalon, The Fellowship of the Flame, Book 2

by A. R. Silverberry

Dark Enchantment Hides a Secret …
Purpura’s tottering Resistance needs gold and weapons, and Briar’s hell-bent on bringing her formidable sword to the task. But when a sorcerer throws the kingdom into bloody chaos, one hope remains … sail away from the fight in search of a mythical treasure.

She’s not alone in the hunt. Someone else hungers for the treasure. And Briar’s charms. Vowing to either tame or kill her, he’s coming after her with sword sharpened and cannons loaded.

Briar welcomes the fight. But how can she battle the mesmerizing allure of the sorcerer?
How can she keep her heart true to the pirate, the man she really loves?
And how, in the vast deadly waters of the Teeth, can she find the greatest treasure ever known?

The one thing that will stop Purpura from plunging into madness …

Previously $2.99