The Sword Chronicles: Wayward, Defiance, and Rebellion

by Ronald Long

The first journey into the world of Gilia begins with The Sword Chronicles.

Wayward: A madman gathers an army around him to rid the continent of Ruyn of all elves, dwarves, and anyone who would stand in his way. Ealrin, a man with no memory, finds himself swept up in an epic journey that will change him forever.

Defiance: The war is not going well and desperate alliances must be made if Ruyn is to be returned to a time of peace. But have Ealrin and his friends been sent too late? And will the kingdoms of dwarves and elves be willing to lend their aid to fight a growing menace?

Rebellion: Destruction covers the land of Ruyn. Armies collide in the final epic battle that will determine whether or not the continent will be forever plunged into darkness. All the while, Ealrin fights to save those closest to him from harm. But can he save the one he thought was far from danger?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic