The Sound of the Stones: Book One in the Shattered Time Series

by Beth Hammond

An ancient book
A hidden prophecy
A quest to save humanity

When Frankie breaks the binding on an ancient book Ashra’s world intertwines with her own.

Evil seeks to destroy humanity, but Ashra is more powerful than she knows. As a new king ascends the throne both her virtue and her life are in danger. She risks everything to flee the city in search of answers. In her quest to save humanity she finds love, uncovers mysteries from the past, and unlocks a primordial magic she never knew she had.

The multi perspective, epic setting of Game of Thrones meets the “book within a book” concept of The Never Ending Story. With a sense of humor similar to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and romantic undertones reminiscent of The Name of the Wind, The Sound of the Stones appeals to a wide fantasy loving audience.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Rise of Fire: Book Two in the Shattered Time Series

by Beth Hammond

An instant connection
A common goal
A mystery that binds

Frankie is on the verge of understanding her connection with Ashra. But when Taren walks into her life new problems arise. Her head and her heart battle for control. When a dangerous encounter pits Frankie against a sinister man asking for “the book”, Taren shows up in time to help her make an escape to a secluded shack. It is there some questions are answered. But more rise up in their place. – “The questions swarming in her mind were too many. The words she had to ask them, too few.”

Ashra makes her way across the desert toward Fugashi but the Krad are in pursuit. The trip poses challenges apart from Perditus hot on their trail. Death, powerful discoveries, and a growing affection between Ashra and Bazine unfold in this second installment of the Shattered Time series.

Previously $3.99