The Son of the Morning

by Jacob Peppers

Fifty years ago, the nightwalkers appeared, creatures of shadow and darkness, thirsting for blood and death. Thousands died and the kingdom of Entarna was brought to its knees. Then the Chosen came, six men and women endowed with powers by Amedan, the God of Fire and Light. The Chosen joined with the kingdom’s armies and together they managed to defeat the night’s creatures. At least for a time.

Alesh, servant to Chosen Olliman, the greatest of Amedan’s priests, knows well what the darkness holds. He saw it, as a child, when his father and mother were killed, and he was left with a blackened, festering scar that refuses to heal.

The day wanes and the night comes again, but when those chosen to protect the kingdom are unwilling to help, when the fellowships of the past crumble, it is left to an orphaned servant—a man many believe to be cursed—to stand against the rising darkness.

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Category: Dark Fantasy