The Sky Riders

by Kerry Law

With dragons and a strong female lead, this gripping action-packed adventure is the start of an epic fantasy trilogy.
Aimee Wood is a freak. Born a half-albino, she’s been an outcast her whole life. When her family dies, she’s left alone in a city of people who hate and fear her. Desperate for somewhere to belong, she decides to risk the climb out of Kierell, and into the jagged mountains encircling the city. Any girl who survives the climb can train to become a Sky Rider. The women of the Sky Riders are elite warriors, protectors of the city and each bonded for life to their own dragon. If Aimee can complete the arduous training, and steal a dragon hatchling, she can become one of them. But making the climb has not dispelled the prejudice against her, and she must fight for her place.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age