The Silver Portal

by David J. Normoyle

Millenia ago, magic flowed through the world like air. Godlike mages ruled, and those without power became slaves, subservient to the whims of magic-users. To right the world, an enchanted barrier was created to form Mageles, a land free of magic. Over time magic slowly returned, and now the Lord Protector wants to return Mageles to an era where magical supremacy will once again dominate.

They are five: reluctant warrior, street rat, aspiring adventurer, conflicted pacifist and pampered noblegirl. Five misfit youths who were never meant to receive the weapons of power. Only together do they stand a chance against the forces arrayed against them. Separated by a continent and pursued by magic-wielding clerics, the weaponbearers must find each other–but first they must find themselves.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age