The Seven: The Lost Tale of Dellerin

by Robert J Power

Ruin befalls any who speak the tale of The Seven.

They said The Seven were the greatest mercenary outfit in all of Dellerin. Respected, loved and feared. Only they could accomplish the impossible; the gods themselves blessed them. But when they disappeared, no warriors could halt The Dark One’s emergence and his ruination of the world. And the Seven’s tale was soon lost in the darkness.

Until now.

In the war-ravaged city of Dellerin, a strange book has survived The Dark One’s gaze. Veiled, warded and awaiting a warrior worthy enough to discover its mysteries, the pages of “The Seven” are about to open.

Can one book hold more power than ever imagined?

From bestselling author, Robert J Power, The Seven is a gritty, grimdark fantasy tale where evil reigns, demons roam, and enchantments cost your very soul.

Previously $4.99

Category: Dark Fantasy