The Servant and the Scoundrel

by Chris R. Sendrowski

In the realm of Desomen, Philem Clane was the very embodiment of loyalty and service. As a devoted lorianas to his friend and king, King Donan, he stood as the paragon of servitude, earning him the esteemed title of the greatest servant in the land.

Yet, his mettle will soon be tested.

When King Wren of Strantoden, Desomen’s archenemy, extends an unprecedented olive branch in the form of a historic peace summit, Philem is entrusted with the monumental task of orchestrating a grand feast that holds the fate of both continents in precarious balance. However, beneath the facade of diplomacy, hidden agendas lurk, leading to the ultimate betrayal of Philem’s loyalty as he is traded to the Strantodians.

Marooned on a hostile and toxic continent, Philem must now start anew, serving the very nemesis of his former lord, King Wren, a tyrant of infamous repute whose insatiable hunger for a mysti

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Category: Dark Fantasy